Electrical Control Panel Engineering & Design, for the 3rd
Rock from our sun and also low earth orbit.

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Started in November 2012, the company is setup to provide continuing excellent Electrical Control Panel engineering, design, PLC & Touch Screen programming, fabrication through various partners, shop testing, and field startup.

We can provide the resources necessary to make each and every project move rapidly from start to finish.

We have 39+ years of experience in a wide array of industries and can help with just about ANY type of project
and a wide variety of PLC & Touch Screen panels.

Here's a link to the 1st two large grain silo panels shipped on 2/28/2013:


Below is a short list of services we can provide. More about us soon!

Need help keeping track of things on control panel projects? We can do it.

Need control panel design/build because you don't have time? We can do it.

Need some help with PLC programming? We can do it.

Need help with the touch screen programming for the PLC? We can do it.

Need help with shop testing control panels? We can do it.

Need help with field startups? We can do it.

Need to get in touch with us? Our contact info is below:

We're located at:
14328 Beverly Park Road
Edmonds, Washington 98026 USA

We have two phone lines:

Line 1: 206-414-0950
Line 2: 206-414-
Fax: 206-497-4716

Tom's Cell: 206-972-0493
Tom's email: tom@3rdRockControls.com